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1. Privacy of users.

Journal of Emmetropia (JE) respects your privacy and does not provide user information to third parties without permission. Any statistical analysis of user behavior is used for product development purposes and does not include personal user information. We do not sell our subscriber list.

2. Contents and links.

The function of the links that appear in this site is solely to inform the user that there are other sources of information to obtain more information. SECOIR won’t be responsible for the information obtained in those links.
In any case, SECOIR assumes the responsibility derived from the contents linked from this web site and do not warrant the absence of viruses or other elements that could produce alterations in the computer systems (hardware and software), in the user’s files and documents discarding any responsibility for eventual damage.
Even when the links are supervised regularly, if the user considers that the contents are illegal, cause damage to the goods and rights of him or herself we acknowledge that such a thing will be communicated immediately to Spanish Society of Implant-Refractive Ocular Surgery Nacional, at road Donoso Cortés, 73 1º, 28015 Madrid or through the e-mail address particularly if the links contain:

  • Activities or contents that could be considered illegal according to the Spanish law.
  • Activities or contents that will violate rights of intellectual or industrial property.
  • Activities or contents that will put in danger the public order, penal investigation, public security or national defense.
  • Activities or contents that put in danger the protection of the public health, respect for people’s dignity, the principle of no discrimination, protection of the health and the childhood or whatever other value or constitutional principle.

3. Modifications of the site and interruptions or errors in access.

SECOIR has the right to make, at any moment and without previous warning, modifications and updates of the contents of this website, its configuration as well as Access conditions.

SECOIR is not responsible for failure of communications, and does not warrant the availability and continuation of the site and its services.

SECOIR will make, as son as take notice of failures in communication, disconnections, mistakes or non-updated information, those actions to reestablish the communication and update the contents.

4. Intellectual property.

Unless special indication, the contents of the website, images, text, data, source code, design and navigation structure are property of SECOIR. Moreover, is property of SECOIR their use in whatever form, and specially the reproduction, distribution, public communication and transformation rights. All this material is protected by the intellectual property legislation and its fraudulent use can be object of penalty.

Consult and download of the website contents or whatever software do not imply the cession of any intellectual or industrial property right over such contents.

It is authorized the visualization, impression and partial download of the content of the website, only and exclusively if the following conditions are met:

  • It is compatible with the goals of the website.
  • It is not done with commercial intention or for its distribution, public communication or transformation.
  • Any of the website contents will be modified.
  • Any graphic, icon or image available in the web will be used, copied or distributed separately from the text remaining images that accompany that content.
  • The source of the information should be cited.

All the information received in this website will be considered as comments, suggestions or ideas, and they will be considered as a non-profit cession of information. Do not send us information that could not be considered in this way.

5. Security.

SECOIR cannot warrant the vulnerability of its security systems, and for this reason excludes any responsibility for damage of any kind that could arise from the presence of viruses or other elements that could produce alterations in the computer system (hardware and software), electronic documents and files of the user or other third party, including those produced by others through this website.
Users are informed that the use of electronic transmission data systems and electronic mail do not provide warranty of security.

6. Cookies

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7. Personal data protection.

Personal data associated to this website do respect the current legislation concerning personal data protection and your data collected in this website will be treated according to this regulation.

The user can contact Spanish Society of Implant-Refractive Ocular Surgery (SECOIR) at road c/ Donoso Cortés, 73 1º, 28015 Madrid, to execute your access rights, rectification, or cancelation.

8. Responsibilities.

SECOIR won’t be, in any case, responsible for damage or injure derived, directly or indirectly from lack of read this warning, of the compliment of the obligations specified in the established conditions. Moreover, SECOIR rejects whatever responsibility from damage and injure of whatever kind that could be due to transmission, diffusion, storage, reception or access to this website contents.

SECOIR, thus, is not responsible for the fraudulent use of this website, and cannot warrant, even when everything will be done to accomplish this goal, the truth of all contents. In the same way, does not warrant the truth of the contents, goods, products or services advertised in the website.

The user will respond for the damage or injure that his or her negligent or fraudulent action could cause to this website.

9. Dispute resolution.

SECOIR and the user will resolve whatever dispute derived from the Access and use of the website to the Court of the city of Madrid (Spain).